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"When you consider things like the stars, our affairs don’t seem to matter very much, do they?"  - Virginia Woolf (via astrowomyn)

The trivia section of Captain America’s wiki has me in tears- 



Super serious post about Steve and his extra capabilities—

  • Steve Rogers is shown to be worthy of carrying Mjolnir, is one of few people capable of accessing Iron Man’s armory, and is one of two foreigners entrusted with the Black Panther’s technology. Steve is also one of the very few people that Wolverine truly trusts.

And then-

  • Steve loves apple cake.


#this is probably a bad time to bring up #that after steve dies thor says that the greatest honor he’s ever known #in his thousands of years #was being able to fight beside steve and call him his friend


"I staggered through my career and came out the other end alive. I made some films that meant something to me. In my opinion, they weren’t all great, and they weren’t all successful, but they sure were ‘me’. And this is what I was going through or thinking or feeling as a director at the time, and I’m very proud of them. A lot of great directors just never had the chance to have their work appreciated and celebrated and watched all these years after they were made. So, man, what do you want out of life? It’s great!" — John Carpenter


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Today’s Junior Scientist Power Hour is all about ladies and their weird periods! What are periods? We don’t really know. But you can always tell when a woman is on her period because she has opinions that men don’t like, and sometimes they get mad!

It’s not like women get mad any other times, or that even if a woman is on her period, you should still listen to the words she says and not write them off as “crazy uterus talk”